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Welcome to the International Distance Learning Center.

This website is designed to provide newcomers wıth an introduction to our undergraduate and graduate programs. It will also introduce you to our faculty, learning management system OCS, students, alumni, admission plan, the center's two-year strategic goals, a one-year action plan, and some of the exciting happenings that go on in the center. The site serves as a gateway to the larger Ala-Too International University community, showcasing the accepting and supportive atmosphere; and the range of research, professional and experiential-learning opportunities available within our center and university. I hope this information encourages you to become a part of the dynamic field of online learning at Ala-Too International University. 

If you have questions, please e-mail or call me or a member of our dedicated faculty and staff. We are interested in your future and look forward to hearing from you.


(+996 553 919395)


Zhyldyzbek Zhakshylykov, Professor, Director