Standard 1

1.0. Self-Assessment Commission Order

1.1. Certificate


1.3. Licenses

1.4. Certificate 2015, 2020

1.5. Action plan

1.6. Scientific council meeting of IAU

1.7. Strategic plan of IAU

1.8. State educational standard of higher professional education,in the direction of training (specialty): Pedagogy and Management

1.9. The main educational program of higher professional education. Direction of training (specialty) of : Management Bachelor, Pedagogy Master

1.10. Minutes of the department meeting from 2020. Discussion and adoption of the annual plan of the department

1.11. Annual plan of the department from 2020.

1.12. Work plan of the DOEaQM

1.13. Reports on all types of monitoring

1.14. Quality management system leadership

1.15. Provision on the training department

1.16. Job description of HoD

1.17. Job description of a lecturer

1.18. Job description of a coordinator

1.19. (Guideline for students)

1.20. Agreements with partners           

1.21. Minutes of the meeting with empoyers, cooperation agreement

1.22. Career day photo

1.23. Provision on the quality management system of education at the IAU

1.24. The procedure for admitting students of the IAU

1.25. Provision of internship

1.26. Provision on the quality management system of education IAU

1.27.Samples of attendance, exams, registration, student personal data from the PMS system

1.28. Order on the composition of the Commission "Quality Management System" (QMS)

1.29. Screenshot of  IAU website pages:mission, strategy, regulatory documents

1.31. Provision on the procedure for transfer, restoration, and expulsion of students of the IAU

1.32. Internal audit of the IAU

1.32. IAU Booklet 

1.33. By the Decree of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic No. 525 dated 04.10.2016. as amended by the Resolution of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic of 11.12.2017 No. 799.

1.34. Minutes of the meeting of the department. Discussion of the main educational program

1.35.Minutes of the meeting of the Academic Council of the AIU from 2020. Consideration and approval - "The main educational program of higher professional education"

1.36.Internal audit of preschool educational institutions for the new academic year (2020-2021 academic year)


Standard 2

2.1. Work programs 2020-2021 academic year

2.2. Syllabus

2.3. Schedule of the educational process for the 2020-2021 academic year

2.4. Lesson schedules

2.5. Provision on the final state certification

2.6. Minutes of the meeting of the department dated January 28, 2020  

2.7. Questionnaire "University through the eyes of students" for the 2020-2021 academic year

2.8. Questionnaire "Teacher through the eyes of students"

2.9. Minutes  based on the results of the survey

2.10.Questionnaire for Employers

2.11. Internship

2.12. Provision on the internship of IAU students

2.13. Internship order

2.14. Internship photos

2.15. Copy of internship diary, copy of internship report    

2.16. Meeting minutes of DLC

2.17.Guest lectures. Photo materials.

2.18. Student progress monitoring table. Dynamics of performance indicators

2.19. Student internship assessment

2.20. Provision on the work of curators

2.21. Provision on Registration of subjects taking into account credits and workload

2.22. Provision on the University Management Automation System

2.23. Progress report

2.24. Questionnaire for Student 

2.25. Risk group (How do you work with them)

2.26.Curatorial Folder, Sample Personal Interview Questionnaire with a Student

2.27.Screenshot: Textbooks and teaching aids

2.28. Provision on Intensive course for the 4th course

2.29.Sample Internship Questionnaire

2.30. Sample application for an intensive course.

2.31Materials of scientific seminars and conferences with the participation of the teaching staff 2015-2020.


Standard 3

3.1.Staff form

3.2.Educational and thematic plans. Institute for Advanced Studies of the IAU

3.3. Provision on the ECTS credit accumulation system

3.4. Copies of professional development certificates

3.5. Provision on writing, design, and defense of course paper

3.6. Screenshots of the PMS electronic control system page. Exam results   

3.7. Website pages for the design and writing of student works

3.8. Provision on conducting current control and intermediate certification of students of the IAU

3.9.Exam rules

3.10. Provision on the appeal commission

3.11. Minutes of the meeting of the department based on the results of certification

3.12. Screenshot of a syllabus in the OCS system

3.13. Schedule of classes and exams

3.14. Instructions for writing, design, and defence of Thesis work

3.15. Screenshot of defence themes

3.16. Screenshots of student attendance in the management automation system

3.17.Provision on the current control and intermediate certification of students

3.18.  Complaints and suggestions box

3.19. Photo / video of interactive lessons

3.20. Photos of interactive lessons in the studio

3.21. The results of the questionnaire on identifying the need for additional courses and electives

3.22. Provision on the organization and conduct of social surveys of students (types of questionnaires)

3.23.  Screenshot: student exam results in OCS

3.24.  Minutes of the meeting of the department Reasons for dropping out

3.25. state certification video surveillance. Screenshot.


Standard 4

4.1.Provision  on the admission committee

4.2. Admission rules

4.3. Copy of the Order on the establishment of the Admission committee

4.4. Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic. About threshold points.

4.5. Link to the website page with information about the admission

4.6.Link to the pages of the site with booklets and brochures of the IAU

4.7. Link of the site "Frequently asked questions"

4.8. Functional responsibilities of the executive secretary of the IAU Admissions Committee

4.9. Functional responsibilities of the deputy executive secretaries of the IAU Admissions Committee

4.10. Functional responsibilities of the technical secretaries of the IAU Admissions Committee

4.11.Document acceptance schedule

4.12. Student enrollment order

4.13. Plan of pro-agitation work of the marketing department on admission

4.14. A copy of the Program for the "Open Day" at the IAU

4.15. Student`s transcript

4.16.Students` Transfer Orders

4.17. Copy of the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic "On Education" dated April 30, 2003 No. 92

4.18.  Questionnaire for students  


Standard 5

5.1. Sample employment contract

5.2. Portfolio of teachers of the program "_____________"

5.3. Minute of the Academic Council on the allocation of funds to motivate teaching staff

5.4. Provision on the teaching staff rating

5.5.  Copy of midterm questions and test items

5.6. Professional development report

5.7. Educational and thematic plan of the Institute for Innovation and Advanced Studies under the program "Pedagogy"

5.8. Copy of Article 196 of the Labor Code of the Kyrgyz Republic

5.9. Schedule of advanced training for teaching staff

5.10. Copies of certificates of participation in seminars and conferences

5.11. Provision on the "Researcher of the Year" competition

5.12. Provision on the best lecturer of the year at the IAU

5.13. Provision of the competition "The best young university teacher


Standard 6

6.0 Technical passport of the real estate unit

6.1 Electronic library catalog

6.2. Conclusion of sanitary and epidemiological surveillance

6.3. The act of checking the fire condition of the object

6.4. The act of  for compliance with labor protection and safety requirements

6.5. IAU Library Provision

6.7. Reading room photo material

6.8.  Provision on the medical center

6.9.  Photo material of the medical center

6.10. Order on the appointment of curators

6.11. Library rules

6.12. Job description of a general practitioner

6.13  Responsibilities of the curator