Free Online Crash Course - Google Case Study

November 24, 2020

Dear AIU Community , 

Professor Ricardo Britto, Ph.D. is launching a free online Crash Course about Ansoff Matrix.supported by the Pearson College London This is an opportunity for you to learn how this important tool can help you with strategic planning. In this crash course you  will analyze Google’s case study illustrating how the organization uses the product-market framework in order to create new opportunities for its expansion strategy.

Participants will have access to the Crash Course on Canvas plus the article on the subject. Note that academics from different fields of study are welcome to join and share their take on it as well.

The Crash Course includes:

  • Article in English;
  • Video class;
  • Certificate of participation corresponding to a 3-hour course.

Besides receiving an International Certificate, students who demonstrate academic excellence in this crash course, will earn scholarships for PCL’s short-term programs. You can register by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please contact